L’eau Sans Souci

L’eau Sans Souci, our gently mineralized, natural mineral water in a uniquely designed bottle, a distinct and stunning upscale presentation, perfect for Fine Dining. It is available in 3 varieties, Naturelle, Medium and Classic, and bottled in two sizes, 750ml and 275ml. It is exclusively distributed to the Horeca market and Fine Food stores. L’eau Sans Souci Naturelle is gently and balanced, with a pristine smooth presentation in its taste. L’eau Sans Souci Medium is lightly carbonated with small soft bubbles and a pleasing structure, in its taste refined and delightful. Its composition harmonizes and neutralizes the palate, and supports the indulgence with fine food. For the ones who fancy a fully carbonated mineral water, we have added to our range the L’eau Sans Souci Classic, with a captivating and delightful taste.
All three varieties suit excellently Fine Dining and Premium events within the Horeca market with its stunningly luxurious design and its neutrally balanced taste. The L’eau Sans Souci source lies 450 meters beneath the surface and is therefore protected and unspoiled from negative environmental influences. Its water is free of any hormones, pharmaceutical residues or any other anthropogenic contaminations.


Mineralwasser02Analysis L’eau Sans Souci source in mg/ltr

Sodium 37,4

Potassium 2,9

Calcium 103,0

Magnesium 11,8

Cloride 13,6

Sulfate 1,4

Hydrogen Carbonate 483,0




Golden Label Award 2012