Water is the foundation and elixir of life.

Our body consists of more than 70% of water. Without water, we may survive a few days only.

In nearly all cultures in ancient times, rivers and springs have been woreshipped as sanctuaries. Nowadays, drinking water is a scarce good, which is threatend being taking over by very few large-scale, multi-billion corporations only, trying to exploit the same for commercial reasons only, without consideration on human beings and our environment.

The right to access to clean drinking water is stated since 2010 under international law in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UNO.

The access to clean and unpolluted drinking water is a basic human need and herewith a basic human right. Polluted drinking water endangers both physical and social health of all human beings and is therewith an assault to human dignity.

Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations.

The implementation of this basic human right is threatened by several sources.

As a producer of natural mineral water we feel both deeply connected to the general topic of drinking water for our globe, as well as committed to inform and advise about any threats or injustice, but also about improvements, successes and news of research and development.