100% renewable energy

Increasingly we receive alarming news about the temperature chart of our earth.
We all have to contribute to the global containment of CO2 – emissions.

Therefore our L’eau Sans Souci Natural Mineral Water is being produced on a bottling facility, which gains 100% of its required power solely from hydropower, and 100% from its required heating from biomass.

For these reasons this bottling facility has been awarded several times already.

„Returnable bottle“ Innovation Award 2011
„German Environment Support“ e.V.

Mehrweg Innovatonspreis

European Refillable Award 2012
Europäische Union


This bottling facility, from the Friedrich-Lütvogt Gmbh, is currently one of the environmentally friendliest and most nonpolluting glass bottling facility across Europe.

Our common goals are CO2 neutral products and a CO2 neutral production.